We know with a heavy heart that this world, our home, is gradually becoming less stellar because of our unmindful activities. We empathise with our diminishing animals. It is now high time to give the limelight to the magnificent creations that are worthy of our attention. Here is a closer look of the world’s beautiful endangered plants and flower species.


Western Underground Orchid

Under the surface of the Earth grows a quirky beauty. But, a dark reality of these lovely blossoms is that they lack the necessary capability to survive because they cannot photosynthesize. Only parasitizing from the nutrients in the roots, this flower is now extinct with only 50 individual species left known to us.



Native in Hawaii, Koʻoloaʻula is critically endangered – thanks to human activity and the natural competition in its ecosystem. These pretty blossoms have caught the attention of many and exploited them for landscaping.


Jade Vine

Jade Vines find a home in tropical regions such as Hawaii and the Philippines. They have mesmerising sea green petals resembling that of jade. No wonder they are as beautiful. These blooms are quite difficult to grow and because of deforestation activities, jade vines are becoming more and more extinct.


Black Bat-Flower

They thrive in a special environmental condition that wild black bats are now among the rarest flowers. Cultivating them will make your garden fascinating. They like the sun although not too much, and they grow in sandy soil. As they are picky, it is not easy to grow them naturally.


Orbea Paradoxa

This stunner is a member of the succulent family cultivated in the African regions. Orbeas are most attractive when hanged as their snakelike stems flow like chandeliers. But, they are now critically endangered plants as their habitats were destroyed to pave the way for human activities.


Titan Arum

Its humongous size and foul odour does not make this blossom less beautiful. Although emitting a horrid smell, it blooms with crimson petals. The best part? They have a massive storage for food, mind the tube in its centre. It has become endangered because of excessive deforestation in its home in Sumatra, Indonesia.


Parrot’s Beak

Resembling that of Kaka’s Beak, a New Zealand native Parrot, the Parrot Beak flower is in bright orange blooming only twice a year. Like the Jade Vines, they are also hard to grow as their pollinators, the Sunbirds, have also become extinct. It only proves that every living creature serves an important purpose in our ecosystem.


Dwarf Lake Iris

Dwarf Lake Irises are believed to grow only in the Great Lakes Region in Michigan, where it was first discovered. Their deep blue with yellow tinge petals will leave you enthralled. Their captivating colours make up for their dwarf-like size. These flowers are still recorded to be threatened due to the loss of their habitat. But, do we have to wait for them to be endangered before we take action?


The light in this dark tunnel is that you and I can do something about it. We may not be able to take care of these endangered plants and flowers, we can, however, settle for blooms that are readily available to us.

You can take action, and show you care with flower delivery in Australia.  Take inspiration to grow and care for blooms in your garden.