Giving flowers as a gift is a loving and caring gesture that is usually met with deep appreciation. The act of giving flowers as a gift is typically associated with the idea of a man giving flowers to a woman.

Although this is traditional, buying your boyfriend flowers can mix things up a bit while still telling your significant other that you care. Some women may think that flowers for him might not go well, but there are many reasons that getting your husband or boyfriend flowers can be a great gift idea.

  1. Contrary to what you might believe, your boyfriend might actually like flowers. If you know a specific type that he has complimented, buying them for him will show him you pay attention to what he says.
  2. If the man in your life showers you with gifts, it might be time to let him know you care.
  3. A more traditional spouse or husband might reject the gift if he is uncomfortable with it. In the event that he rejects your botanical gift, flowers for him can easily become flowers for you.
  4. If that special someone in your life enjoys gardening, many types of flower cuttings can be planted and kept forever. Roses make a nice addition to any lawn and garden.
  5. If your spouse or boyfriend does not buy you flowers often, this can be a great way to encourage him to return the favour.
  6. Whether the man or woman in a relationship is receiving the gift, flowers are very romantic and one of the most universal ways to tell someone you truly care about them.
  7. Surprisingly, florists often construct flower arrangements for men that are more masculine. If you are concerned about the gift being to feminine, you can buy flowers that are specifically arranged for simplicity and beauty.

Your boyfriend may react with appreciation, admiration and in some case, embarrassment. Even if he is a bit unsettled about the gift giving role reversal, he will appreciate the fact that care enough to think about him.

Buying your boyfriend flowers can be risky, but it will let him know that you are willing to be daring in order to let him know how much he really means to you. Don’t be afraid to break traditions for a chance to do something different.