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Want to send flowers?

zFlowers.com is one of the international market leaders in online flower delivery, plus hampers and special gifts. Our customer base of more than 500,000 customers has used zFlowers.com’ services for over 9 years to deliver fresh and meaningful messages to their loved ones worldwide. Take a look at our shop, you will find something perfect for that special someone. 

zFlowers.com has supply relationships with more than 4000 local florists in over 90 countries worldwide, providing same or next day service of fresh flowers, plus hamper and gift deliveries. You can choose from our standard catalogue on our website or speak to one of our consultants and we will help customise your special order. Our customer service officers are available by phone or online from our state-of-the art call centre, which operates from Monday to Friday 03:00 to 24:00 AEST and Saturday 07:00 to 21:00 AEST.

Our multi-lingual staff can help guide you through the selection and secure purchase of your special gift, help you craft your message of love and then we’ll take care of the rest. For most relatively urban delivery destinations, orders that are placed by 2pm can be fulfilled on the same day, with the exception of public holidays, Sundays, Valentine's and Mother's Day.

zFlowers.com had its genesis in Perth, Western Australia in 2005 and quickly grew to be a market leader by 2008. Our expansion into Southeast Asia began early in 2007 and in 2008 zFlowers.com moved its global headquarters to Hong Kong.

zFlowers.com offers fast, efficient service at a reasonable price. Our compliance with the governing laws of each country and international security standards, ensure that your online shopping experience is safe, secure and competitively priced. Additionally, zFlowers.com adheres to and is guided by our company values and corporate culture, plus we recognise our corporate social responsibility (CSR) to all of our stakeholders, all of which are defined in our CSR Policy, which is outlined below.



Team zFlowers.com


Tom is the founder and Managing Director of zFlowers.com, but also very hands-on in the technical side of things, (he's sorting out a lot of isses on this blog!), as well as dealing with our over 100 regional in-house websites. Having started zFlowers.com, he is also involved in a number of innovative business ideas and is very interested in early stage start-ups in the on-line space. One of his key focuses now is to develop zFlowers.com in the Asian Market and expand our service offerings globally.

Tom's impossibly adorable twin two year olds and lovely wife Alicia consume his time when he is not here playing with team zFlowers.com.

Paul is Ready Flower's CIO, our tech guru who is responsible for formulating information technology business strategies, developing new website features, designing our scalable e-commerce platforms and managing our day-to-day running of computer hardware and software. As such he tries to steer clear of the blog operations if at all possible. He has been involved in the technology space for over 20 years, involved in numerous large scale technology projects for various industries.

In his off-time Paul is an epic gamer and enjoys the company of his two dogs when they are not driving his cat crazy.


Sheli is our Creative Director and this blog is under her jurisdiction. Besides design and brand building, she is in charge of zFlowers.com' social media and digital marketing. She started her first web design company in Hong Kong in 1996, and since then she has been the Art Director for Star TV, the Creative Director for a group of consumer electronics companies in China, the regional Brand Manager for Leighton Asia and started her latest company, Brand Catalyst Ltd, in 2008. 

When not creating content, Sheli is involved with marine conservation, diving and creating social media mayhem for environmental & social issues.

zFlowers.com’ Values and Corporate Social Responsibility Policy

The zFlowers.com’ corporate social responsibility (CSR) policy reflects the company’s core values and corporate culture and is mirrored in our daily operations and relationships with all our stakeholders.

Company Values
  • Service - We strive to provide top class service to everyone we interact with at all levels of the business be it external or internal. Good, friendly service is the greatest value we can add to every transaction.
  • Responsible – We differentiate ourselves from our competitors by empowering all of our staff, from the top of the organisation down, to make decisions they are fully responsible for, which in turn ensures everyone strives to deliver their best effort at all times.
  • Innovative – We are not afraid to try different things and endeavour to go beyond the norm to provide a memorable experience for everyone that we engage with. Technology development is a core strategy we employ to constantly grow and evolve our business.
  • Family – We are a family business that understands the importance of strong relationships. Everyone in our business is equally as important and are always treated as part of our family.
  • Teamwork – We work together towards a common goal helping each other and the company achieve their respective goals. Our people are encouraged to achieve their personal goals and in turn help the people we deal with achieve theirs.
  • Customer Focused – We do all we can to exceed customer expectations by providing high levels of value and service, while building and maintaining customer relationships ensuring long term satisfaction.
  • Integrity – We will always conduct business to the highest ethical standards doing what we believe is the right thing and honouring our commitments. We treat everyone fairly with trust and respect and take responsibility for our actions.
Company Culture

zFlowers.com has a team orientated culture where all team members are committed to helping one another achieve their individual goals. All team members’ work together to ensure the company vision is upheld. zFlowers.com team members enjoy the work they do, wish to make a worthwhile contribution to society and enjoy interacting with other team members and customers.

CSR Policy

zFlowers.com is committed to ensuring that our business is conducted in all respects according to rigorous ethical, professional and legal standard. Following are our specific commitments to our corporate social responsibility:


We respect the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and are committed to providing a working environment which is both safe and fit for its intended purpose and wages that provide a sustainable living standard. We are guided by both an aim to be an employer of choice and our core value of treating all employees as part of the zFlowers.com family. All employees are encouraged to take responsibility for setting and achieving their personal and professional goals, as well as working as a team to help others realise their goals.


We seek to provide our customers with a service that is hallmarked by integrity, quality products, timeliness and excellent customer service. Additionally, our compliance with the governing laws of each country we service and international security standards, ensure that our customers’ online shopping experience is safe, secure and competitively priced. With our core value of being customer focused we strive to exceed customer expectations and develop long term relationships with our valued customers.


We regard the florists and all suppliers we work with, as our partners, working with them to help us achieve our mutual aspirations in the delivery of our products and services. Specifically, the team at zFlowers.com is committed to helping our florists partners increase their income stream. There are no hidden fees for our partners and zFlowers.com operates with a 100% transparency policy with all of our partner suppliers.


We recognise our responsibility to make a positive difference to the communities where we operate and strive to be a good corporate citizen. Besides contributing to local charities and community events, our team members are also encouraged to volunteer and become active in the community. Following are some of the charities that zFlowers.com and our team have benefited recently:  

  • Animals Asia
  • Australian Dancesport - 69th Championships and 2015 competitions
  • Eco-Marine - Hong Kong Coastal Watch
  • Gibb River Challenge - Chantelle McNeill
  • Hong Kong Women’s Choir
  • Living Lamma
  • Movember
  • Reds Hockey Club
  • The Salvation Army - Christmas 10,000 Meals programme

zFlowers.com is committed to a programme of management and improvement of our direct and indirect impact on the world in which we live. To that goal we are working toward sustainability in our offices with a maximum level of recycling and waste reduction.