Monday Blues

Monday blues: 7 tips to getting unstuck

The Monday blues. You’ve had a great weekend visiting friends, doing sports, being outdoors or just plain relaxing, but now the alarm goes off and you’re back in the office. For people who love their job this is when they launch into a great new week, full of promise of what can be accomplished. So much to do and a full week to do it in! However, if you are not thrilled with your current work, Monday’s may come to represent a harsh reminder that you are not making a living doing what you love. If you fall into the latter category the following seven tips can help you to get unstuck and move toward achieving your career goals.

1. Use the frustration

No one likes to be stuck. But if you focus on the feeling of being stuck, the frustration can give you energy. Take in how frustrated you are with where you are, you’ll be more likely to use it to make a fresh start, and truly put it behind you.

2. Give up the victimhood

Everyone is a victim at some point in their life, and there is no doubt that terrible things may have happened to you that were unfair. But seeing yourself as a victim is being focused on the past. Instead, look forward to who you can be today, master of your own destiny.

3. Expand your self perception

Many times, the problem with being fixated on yesterday is that you see yourself a certain way, as being a certain way. Sometimes, you can get beyond this problem simply by realising that some of the ways that you view yourself may be incorrect. Try to see yourself with fresh eyes and new opportunities will arise.

4. Give yourself more credit

Fixation on the mistakes of the past often occur because you are being too hard on yourself. Mistakes happen. The reason is often a small thing, and not related to your value as a person. The problem is that we tend to connect our elf worth to our mistakes, when instead we should focus on our accomplishments.

5. View your mistakes as gifts
Your mistakes don’t have some deep meaning about whether you matter. They are gifts that show you the way forward.

6. Making a list of goals can help you shift your focus towards the future

Your life should be about tomorrow and not the day before. You can help yourself move in a new direction by getting a sense of what you want out of life.

7. Pay attention to how you feel

If you can figure out what is making all the negative emotions happen, you can often undo them and focus on other things.

…via More Simple Ways to Live Happy | The BridgeMaker

We hope these help you if you are experiencing a lull that coffee and the promise of a new week ahead cannot lift.