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30 Fun Flower Facts

Updated You may be aware of the type of flowers are  are best for which occasions or your own personal favourites. However, beyond such basic flower information, there are some interesting bits of floral trivia, which may surprise you. Every plant in Tomorrowland at Disneyland in Anaheim, California, is edible. Disney wanted that part of the park to act as a food farm, where guests could eat the fruits and herbs planted there. In 1986, U.S. Congress voted to make the rose America’s national flower. Roses are often known for their romantic symbolism but their blooms are also edible and have the flavors of...

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Living in Before Marriage

Today, many couples choose living in before marriage because they believe it will let them know if they are suited for marriage. Living in before marriage has some advantages and disadvantages for the couple and some of those are listed below.  Perks of Living in Before Marriage Living together will lower the cost of food, rent and bills because two people are splitting the cost of living. In some cases, one person takes care of all the bills. In those cases, it is usually the woman who gets the benefit of free room and board costs. Having someone there for...

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