20 ways to make others happy

Thoughts of helping others are evoked by this quote from Robert Baden-Powell “The most worth-while thing is to try to put happiness into the lives of others.”

It is no secret that one of the best ways to lift your own spirits is to make others happy. Small gifts of kindness can brighten the darkest of days for the recipients, and being able to make others happy is very rewarding. To help you make others happy we have compiled a list of 20 easy ways to do so.

    1. Hugs. One of the best mutually enjoyable things you can do is to hug friends, family, lovers, strangers…just get your hug on and go for it!
    2. Smile and greet people. It takes nothing but exercising your face muscles and saying hello to brighten the day of everyone you see today.
    3. Give a sincere compliment. Many positive things tend to go unsaid. So give someone a sincere compliment today. It can mean especially much if it’s for something that is close to the other person’s heart. Or something he or she been putting in a good effort with like getting into better shape for the last few months.
    4. Hold a the door open for a few extra seconds. It doesn’t take much of an effort but it can put a smile on someone’s face.
    5. Express your gratitude for what is too often taken for granted. We may sometimes take what others do a bit too much for granted. Like the food they cook, how they keep doing their job consistently each and every day or how to they are there to listen when we need it.
    6. Share some of your tasty homemade cookies. Or bread, ice cream or jerky.
    7. Give away a piece of your hobby. Like a bracelet or a drawing you have made for instance.
    8. Encourage. The world can be a tough and discouraging place at times. So encourage someone who is in a negative situation at the moment. Add your own perhaps more grounded and optimistic perspective on the situation to lessen his or her worries and perhaps exaggerated fears.
    9. Call a friend – Sometimes we need friendly advice, a meaningful conversation with someone who really knows us. That’s what friends are supposed to be. So, cherish them and show them you care for them. Even calling them or spending an evening of watching TV shows, playing video games or just having tea or a beer together can make a difference.
    10. Tell a good – or terrible – joke. Or a funny story about something that happened to you last week.
    11. Share something funny you found online. Play one of your favorite clips from a stand-up show you love if you are out of jokes and good stories at the moment.
    12. Help out practically with advice. If a friend needs some help then ask someone you know who has been in that situation for advice. Or do a bit of online research to find what he she might be looking for.
    13. Order flowers online. It only takes few minutes to go to our website and send someone special flowers. It will not only brighten their day, but the joy lasts for days and their gratitude for a lot longer than that.
    14. Cook their favorite food if they have had a bad day. I know from my own life that it can really cheer me up on such days.
    15. Get their favorite takeout food. If you want a quicker option than cooking a meal when they are having a crummy day. A variation on this idea is to get just a small piece of their favorite chocolate or other treat.
    16. Run an errand or do one chore for that person. It can be big stress reducer if he or she is having a hectic day.
    17. Just listen. It’s sometimes all that’s needed to help someone out of a negative headspace.
    18. Bring a cup of tea or coffee the way that person likes it. It only takes a minute while you are already up and getting a hot beverage for yourself.
    19. Hide a secret note for him or her to find. A note of thankfulness. Or a note with a compliment. Or simply a note of love. Hide it in their tea container, lunch box or hat for example.
    20. Bring the positivity. If you bring positivity and an open, happy and good energy into a conversation for example then that tends to spread and the two of you or more will have happier lunch break, evening down at the pub or coffee date in the crisp autumn sunshine.
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So there you have it, loads of the best ways we know to make others happy and in the process give yourself a boost as well. If you have other ways to make people happy, please leave them in the comments!