The usual flower vases we find in stores are somewhat boring. How about creating your own floral containers out of the materials you find at home? Aside from saving some bucks, you will have beautiful and unique vases that perfectly suit your taste in design. Here are a few Do-It-Yourself flower vase ideas that you can try at home.

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Light Bulb Vase

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Recycle broken light bulbs by turning them into beautiful flower vases. It's very simple. Start by removing the top part of the bulb using a plier or, create a hole at the top of the bulb. Be careful not to break the glass bulb or cut your finger. Then, remove the inner parts of the bulb by slipping a screwdriver or pocket knife into the hole you created at the top of the bulb and pull out the center coil. That should automatically remove all the inner parts of the bulb. Clean the bulb with a piece of cloth and you now have a very unique and cute flower vase. You can hang it on your ceiling or put it on a flat base so it can stand on top of a table.

Beautiful vase from baby food jar

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Do not throw your empty baby food jars right away. You can still turn them into cute little flower vases. Depending on your taste in design and colors, remove the labels on the jars and paint them according to your preferrences. You may want to cut different designs from a sticky tape roll and stick them to the jar before painting them. So that once the paint has dried, you can remove the stickers and you'll be happy to see beautiful designs in your baby food jar turned flower vase. You can put it on top of your bedside table, office table or cabinets.

Dip dye succulent pot

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Usually, the pots we can buy in stores are very plain and simple. If you are looking for ways to enhance its look, try dip dyeing.

Here's how it works:

#1. Prepare the ceramic pot, a bowl, water, and the dye.

#2. Pour the water halfway through the bowl.

#3. Pour the dye into the bowl of water.

#4. Dip the pot halfway into the dye. Hold it for 5 seconds.

#6. Dip the pot again. Lower than the first line and hold it for 10 seconds.

#7. Dip the pot the third time in your desired line and hold it until you get your desired color.

#8. Let it dry.

You now have a beautifully dyed pot for your succulent or any flowering plant.

Vase made out of cans and ropes

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You probably have a rope hanging around your house and a pile of cans ready to be dispatched. Don't throw them yet. You can still create a lovely rustic flower vase out of your trash.

Here's what you need to do:

#1. Prepare the can, the rope, and a glue.

#2. Glue the end of the rope to the bottom edge of the can.

#3. Wrap the rope around the can.

#4. Make sure to glue it from bottom to the topmost edge.

#5. Cut the excess rope.

#6. Prepare an empty glass smaller in size and width than the rope-wrapped can and put it inside the can.

The empty glass will hold the water solution and the flowers.

This will look great for your table top or for a wedding reception.

Vase made out of yarn-wrapped bottles

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Its concept is the same with the rope-wrapped cans. But instead of ropes and cans, we use yarn or wool and unused bottles. Additional material is the glue or mod podge.

#1. Choose the colors for your yarn or wool.

#2. Paint the bottle with mod podge or smear it with glue.

#3. Wrap the bottle with the yarn or wool starting from the bottom edge. You can alternate the colors depending on your artistic reference.

#4. Make sure to position all the joins at the back of the bottle to slightly hide them.

#5. Continue wrapping the bottle with the yarn or wool until it's fully covered.

#6. Place your DIY floral vase on your window sill or table top.

Mason Jar Wall Vase

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This is very easy to do. All you need is a mason jar, a wooden board, an iron wire, and paint.
#1. Paint the wooden board.
#2. Attach the mason jar to the wooden board using the iron wire. Some use a clamp to make sure the jar is safely secured on the board.
#3. Make two holes at the top of the wooden board. Insert both ends of the iron wire to the holes and tie them securely. You will use that to hang your DIY vase on the wall.
#4. Fill the vase with water or water solution then put in the flowers.
You now have a very unique and rustic flower vase you can hang on your wall.

Vase made from Pringles can and stones

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It's absolutely amazing how a seemingly useless empty can of pringles will turn into something beautiful and useful. Well, hold your breath as we will do the magic. The materials that you will need are Pringles container, rocks and grout, leak seal rubber coating, adhesive spray, mod podge, paint brush, sponge, paper towel, and water.

#1. Spray the rubber seal coating inside the Pringles can. This will prevent water leaks.

#2. Spray glue to the side of the can and start placing the rocks. Repeat this step until the Pringles can is completely covered with rocks. Then, let it dry.

#3. Once the glued rocks have dried. Spread the grout to the can using a knife. Use the paper towel, paint brush, and sponge to push the grout and rub the rocks. Repeat this step until the can is fully covered with grout. Let it dry.

#4. When the grout has dried, layer it with mod podge to create a shiny surface. Let it dry again. 

#5. Once the mod podge has dried, you can now put water to the can and arrange your favorite flowers in it.

Congratulations! You just turned a Pringles can into a beautiful flower vase.

Vase made from disposable spoons

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This couldn't be hard. All you need is a jar, some disposable spoons, a spray paint, and glue.

#1. Spray paint the jar and let it dry.

#2. Spray paint the disposable spoons and let them dry.

#3. Break the spoon handles off.

#4. Using a glue gun, glue the spoons to the jar starting at the top.

#5. Continue gluing the spoons to the jar overlapping the lower row to the upper row.

When you are finished, you will find a vase that looks like an artichoke... or pine cone. How ever you see it.

Vase made from painted recycled jars

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Turn your plain white transparent bottles and jars into colorful DIY flower vases. All you need are different colors of paint and empty transparent bottles or jars. A bowl and paint brush to mix colors, and a big syringe to pour the paint inside the bottles.

Here's what you need to do:

#1. Mix the paints to get your desired color in a bowl with the help of paintbrush.

#2. Once you have the desired color, fill the syringe with the paint. 80 to 100ml of paint can cover the whole interior of larger bottles.

#3. Pour the paint from the syringe into the bottle.

#4. Move the bottle all way round so all of its walls will be evenly covered with paint.

#5. Once the bottle is completely covered, lay it upside down for a few minutes to pour out any excess paint.

#6. Let the paint completely dry for a couple of days.

There you have it. A colorful DIY flower vases. Easy, right?

No-Knit Yarn Vase

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You never thought this can be turned into a flower vase, don't you? Well, me too. But, look... it can be done!

Grab that ball of yarn and paint it with the colors that you love. Get a glass of water and put it in the center opening of the ball. That quick and simple. You now have a very cute and unique little flower vase for a lovely bloom.

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