Falling in love is one of the most profound mysteries of the world. Many have experienced its powers, but no one can concretely decipher it.

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With the blanket of emotions surrounding us, it’s only natural that we sometimes become perplexed with how we feel. Love drives us to be vulnerable, but this is not something to be scared of. Instead, this is something we have to embrace with our soul.

What we lack is a deeper perception of love. We can change this and begin by opening our eyes to realise that there is something greater, bigger than ourselves. Here are eight captivating colours of love according to the ancient Greeks that will help us in our journey to understanding the most powerful emotion.



Valentine Flower Arrangement

Love Impulse: Physical Body

Eros is the sensual and passionate colour of love and named after the Greek god of love and fertility. Because of the primal impulse to reproduce, ancient Greeks believed that this kind of love is dangerous as it can induce a loss of control. It is an intense form of love that if handled erroneously may lead to impulsive acts and may leave hearts broken. Bearing a powerful fire, it’s flame needs to be carefully managed as it dwells more on the selfish aspects of love – personal infatuation and physical pleasure.



Valentine Flower Arrangement

Love Impulse: Mind

According to Aristotle, philia which means “friendship” is a virtuous colour of love. It is what you feel between friends who have withstood the test of time, cultivating loyalty, camaraderie, and sense of sacrifice for your pack. Philia shares altruism that has the power to strengthen and develop Eros to transform its lust facet into a philosophical impulse.



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Love Impulse: Memories

Just like Philia, Storge or “store-gae” is a colour of love that doesn’t bear physical attraction. It deals more with blood relationships. This love is “obedient” and often streams amidst parents and children as a natural form of affection. But sometimes, it’s power can become a hindrance to your spiritual advancement when your family is against your plans in life.



Valentine Flower Arrangement

Love Impulse: Emotion

With a little bit of Eros in it, Ludus is a playful colour of love. This love is what we go through when we are in the early stages of falling in love. The fluttering heart, teasing, flirting, butterflies in our stomach, etc. are all essential ingredients to keep the spark burning in a relationship. Playfulness is often lost in long-term relationships because there’s no cultivation on the excitement and childlike innocence between you and your lover.

Ludus bears no commitment and is more on the fun side of love or what we usually call “no strings attached”. It works best with couples who are both independent as it is more casual and undemanding.



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Love Impulse: Survival

When there is no balance between Eros and Ludus, Mania occurs. It leads a lover to become obsessive with his partner to rescue himself from suffering low self-esteem. Because he wants to find his self-worth, he hungers for love. It can lead to jealousy and possessiveness as a result of his “desperate need” for his partner. When the other partner can’t reciprocate the same kind of love, issues will prevail in the relationship.



Valentine Flower Arrangement

Love Impulse: Vital Body (Unconscious)

Beyond physicality, Pragma is the colour of love that has transcended through time. It’s what you see in couples who grew old together, withstanding all problems in life. Nowadays, you can rarely find Pragma due to high divorce rates around the world. People tend to focus too much on the search for love but fail to put an effort in maintaining it. Ironic isn’t it?

Pragma is the result when both parties make an effort. They are couples who have tried hard to make the relationship work.



Valentine Flower Arrangement

Love Impulse: Soul

Philautia is a colour of love that symbolises the healthiest form of self-love. It does not dwell on selfishness, but on the idea that we must first love ourselves before we can love others. When you have a deep understanding of yourself and your own skin, only then can you provide love for another individual.



Valentine Flower Arrangement

Love Impulse: Spirit

Agape is the highest and purest form of love. It is unconditional and what we usually call “spiritual love” – selfless, bears boundless compassion and infinite empathy. It is the love that originates from God.


According to philosopher and mathematician Bertrand Russell’s Conquest of Happiness, “Of all forms of caution, caution in love is perhaps the most fatal to true happiness”. He reveals that love is something that we should let happen. It is a natural force of the universe that we should freely allow enter in our lives. If we want to be truly happy, we should embrace it with open arms.

This season of love, it’s time for you to reveal how you truly feel. There are many ways to express your emotion, let these Valentine flower arrangements help you speak the words of your heart.

Celebrate love!