Romance is everything and never meant to be ordinary.

What is romance?

A common mistake made by men is believing that once they are in a committed relationship, they no longer need to put in the extra effort to maintain the attention of the person they have been pursuing. These same men are often unable to figure out why every one of their relationships ends once the initial sizzle has passed. They know all of the right tricks to be successful in the game of dating, but never quite able to turn lust into true love. Sweet text messages and ‘I miss you’ voice mails are a great start, but when constantly being repeated without adding more, they can easy begin to seem like eating the same kind of sandwich for lunch day after day. A exciting surprise will only produce a warm feeling for so long before it becomes a boring routine. Opening a door is a great habit, but any common stranger can provide the same effect.

True romance is breath taking. It’s having to listen to a quite pause because the other person can not find the right words to say. In my opinion, romance is not a thought or a feeling, it is a action. It is holding hands in a vehicle when no one else can witness the occasion, except your one special person. It is capturing a stare between locked eyes for so long that you become blind to all of your surroundings. It can not be described by many words because it isn’t experienced enough. Having your breath taken away does not have to hurt or be caused by pain, in the right circumstances loss of breath can come from a fantastic rush of emotion.

Romance is not meant to be ordinary. It is also not something that’s meant to be shared with every person in your life. It should come out of nowhere when you least expect it. It is not meant to wither away like a flower that has been picked from it’s roots. Romance should blossom and grow so it can develop into something more over time.Love, and the romance that surrounds it, which is not growing will eventually fade away. It should never become taken for granted, it should be an ever  renewed experience that changes and evolves over time.Romance isn’t easy, if it were it would not be special. It is one of many ingredients that make a relationship unique. It transforms people and changes both their outlook and the way they are perceived. If this definition sounds far fetched or is something you are not able to comprehend, it may be your own issues that are not allowing someone to show you. After all, in the wise words of Gertrude Stein, romance is everything.