Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, and it’s got everyone thinking about special ways to surprise a loved one.

Send flowers Valentine’s Day for a classic, never-fail method of showing your love. Order flowers online for great discounts. Chocolates are usually a hit, or perhaps a long, lingering dinner over candlelight and cocktails. Many couples delight in showing each other their love and appreciation in special ways that honor their unique relationship.

If you are skinny on cash, but fat on love this year, consider a heartfelt homemade gift. You could write a poem, song or letter to your special someone. Describe his or her qualities that you love, how and when you fell in love, or the moment you knew he or she was special to you. Make a list of fun activities you hope to do together until the next Valentine’s Day roses come around. Get out the construction paper, scissors and glitter for a homemade, old-school valentine he or she will cherish forever. You don’t have to spend a fortune to show your love.

Consider an adventurous Valentine’s date. Create a scavenger hunt around the city, where your love must find clues leading to all of the places where you have had special times together. Pack a picnic and eat outside, even if you live in a wintery climate. Prepare your date by asking him or her to dress warmly, then build a campfire, or make a cozy nest of blankets for a comfortable meal outdoors. Create the ultimate in romantic outdoor retreats, complete with Valentine’s Day roses, an arch made of branches strewn with white lights, and a bottle of wine.

If you send flowers Valentine’s Day, make sure you know what you are sending. Nothing is more disappointing than when you order flowers online, only to find that upon arrival they are droopy and sparse, the exact opposite of the picture seen on the website. Check for the company’s reliability record by reading online reviews or call the company yourself, if a number is listed.

The hardest part about creating a special day for your loved one is the planning. Start by thinking of all the things he or she loves to do. Build a special date around all of his or her favorites. Your love will appreciate the thoughtfulness of remembering all of the little details. Your gestures do not have to be elaborate, but heartfelt. Sometimes the greatest dates are the simplest. If you can’t afford a dozen Valentine’s Day roses, offer him or her a single rose, or make one out of paper. It truly is the thought that counts.