Like everyone else, perfect and magical is the way you want to remember your wedding day. It is then important that you have the best team to run the most significant show of your life. A cardinal part of the dream team are the florists.

Since this is also the day you are most likely to spend so much on blooms, you are now in a conundrum on how to pick the best. Let us guide you in finding a superb one.

1 How badly do you need one?

First, weigh in whether you want need one or not. Yes, we emphasised the need because chances are you cannot handle every nitty gritty detail of your wedding preparation. If you think that you have enough family members and friends to help you out, then you may decide you would not need one. Why spend extra, right?

You better stop here and start delegating tasks! But, if you have decided that you need a professional, then you should read on.

2 Research and canvassing

There are several local floral designers in your area, and naturally you want to have the best for your wedding. To sort the best from the rest, you should have a research of these professionals and see who are capable of delivering what you need. Prepare a checklist of your requirement and qualification. This may be a laborious task, but you stop at nothing to make your wedding day a perfect one.

3 There are different kinds of professionals in the business

In your research, you have to consider that there are different kinds of flower professionals. You have to decide who is best suited for the occasion.

  • The Retailer: These professionals are more of flower sellers than designers. They provide small scale flower arrangements, but not for grand celebrations like weddings.
  • The Designer: Their focus is on small floral design needs for the celebration like bridal bouquets, boutonnieres, and other floral decorations.
  • Full-Service Provider: They will oversee the entire design for the wedding. Aside from the flowers, they also cater for other decorative materials like tents, chairs, and tables.

4 Knowledge and experience

On top of that checklist should be the knowledge and experience of the floral pro. Brides can ask whether they can do their preferred styles and designs for the event. This is the part where you discuss the vision of your wedding design and theme. You have to draw out suggestions about the latest trends or design strategies to see if the designers or professionals are adept at the task.

5 Portfolio

Rummage through the sample works. Okay, rummage is a strong word. But, always ask the flower experts if they could show you pictures of their previous wedding projects. Ask for their inspirations and how they worked with other brides to see if you can work with them as well.

6 Price and expenses

Choose a designer or coordinator who understands and willing to work with your budget. Some of them may ask for huge fees that are way out of your finances. You should tap those who will make the effort to work around your wedding funds without compromising your vision. These people are golden.

7 Availability and Logistics

You have to discuss the schedule of the event with the prospective designers. If they are not available, then you should probably move on to the next. If you really want someone to work on your wedding, you should adjust the schedule to fit both your time.

Some designers or coordinators do not offer additional logistics. You can discuss earlier with them your plans for the flower arrangements especially if you want to reuse them to arrange logistics.

Preparing a wedding will take so much of your time and effort. You should, therefore, look people who give their 100% in helping you. Happy hunting!