Autumn Romantic

Autumn is the time for fun, romantic activities.


For most people in the Southern hemisphere, the scorching heat of Summer is over. With Winter still awhile off, here is a nice thought: Autumn can stimulate romance. As the weather becomes less hot, so many wonderful activities inspire loving, pleasurable feelings during this exciting time of year! With a wide array of festive occasions, this season also remains a time to grow closer to loved ones and renew bonds of friendship and affection.

Fun, Romantic Activities

Sometimes the simplest romantic activities offer the best ways to reaffirm or expand a meaningful personal relationship. Here are just ten great ideas to inspire romance in your life during this lovely time of year:

  1. Visit the beach together:
    Spend time sitting hand in hand by the shore, watching the sea birds dart and mew nearby as waves crash rhythmically against the sand.
  2. Spend time together on a fun weekend getaway:
    Leave behind the cares of daily life and enjoy some quality time in a new location, just the two of you. Camping (or glamping for those not into roughing it) is great fun and convening with nature is very grounding.
  3. Leave a gift basket for you beloved in an unexpected place:
    It can be a pleasant surprise to discover this type of specially made gift sitting in the front seat of a car or perched on the dining room table, together with an love note.
  4. Share a quiet, intimate meal together at home:
    Prepare warm food in a convivial, fun setting. Picnic in the living room? Good fun and no ants.
  5. Plan a future vacation together:
    Often, half the fun of a journey later in the year involves planning the excursion with one another. You will find out more information about the types of places your lover wants to visit!
  6. Decorate the house with many, many pretty flowers as a surprise:
    Roses on the table and petals scattered seductively in the bathroom can set the stage for romance!
  7. Take up a new hobby together:
    Sharing an interest in bird watching, gardening or a sport like rock climbing, can help you both explore new aspects of a relationship with one another.
  8. Send a bouquet of flowers to your loved one:
    Just because. This simple gesture means a lot and will always endear you to your special someone.
  9. Go on a short cruise:
    A simple paddle boat trip or a week long luxury journey aboard an ocean liner both offer the excitement of getting out on the water!
  10. Exchange candy boxes with one another, then share:
    Sometimes letting each person sample a favourite treat spices up a romantic relationship. Chocolates, taffy, sugar candies, fudge and more can symbolise sweet thoughts!