It’s over…and guess what? You are still alive. Depressed but still very much breathing. You got to find a way on how to rise up from your misery. There are still thousands of people in the world and you should know that you deserve someone better. Someone who is willing to stay by your side whatever happens.

Open your eyes, stop dwelling over things that you can’t change. If the person loves you, they should have done everything to keep you. It’s definitely not the end of the world. Just like roses, learn to blossom above the thorns of life.
Stop wasting your tears.
Get up.


Bitterness Will Only Bring You Down


What will you get if you continue to hate the person? Nothing, just a heart full of grudge. Prolonging your hatred on a person for long will only prevent your individual growth. You will be stranded in the same pathetic situation which will eventually prevent you from moving on. Your anger should be thrown out the window. Start embracing positivity inside your life.

Of course, you were hurt and it traumatized your heart. It will get worse if you don’t apply proper medication. Before you knew it, the wound will deepen and hurt much more. So fix yourself up. Release the anger building inside you and after you’ve run out of it, start anew. Never allow negativity to enter your life.

Moving on is never walk in the park. But you must realize that there is nothing beneficial in holding a grudge. Be cautious of your feelings and don’t let it consume you. Learn to let go of your hatred through these tips.  



This time, the pain is still too fresh. Forgiving that person may be far off your mind right now. But do consider the thought of forgiving them in the future. Your bitterness shouldn’t last forever. Forgiving doesn’t automatically mean that you are 100% okay. The hurt that the person inflicted will not be forgotten because it has already become a part of you. You are now stronger because you survived the pain.

Don’t seek for revenge. You will only start a never-ending war. Focus on mending what is broken and free yourself from all pain.



You have a need to heal. Stop enduring the pain. Regain the things that have been lost after your break-up. Aim for peace within yourself to erase the bitterness in your heart.


Take a Step

Don’t stay in the same helpless situation…move. Let go of that grudge and continue walking. You will only achieve happiness if you focus on moving on. You can not do it alone. Ask for guidance from God and people close to you. Be firm and brave enough to take the next step. Erase bitter and change for the better. Your chain of bitterness should be broken.
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Are you Ready for another heartbreak?


You are suffering…so bad. Your heart is in the process of healing but the past is still haunting you.

Moving on wasn’t easy but it made you begin again. You’ve already learned not to do the same mistake. Your life doesn’t need another heartbreak. How do you completely eradicate the bitterness in your heart without taking a risk?

Step out of the dark and take a chance at life. There is no assurance that your next relationship would be serious. You just have to ask yourself if you are willing to.


Prepare for a broken heart

After you have experienced getting your heartbroken, you have done everything to fix it. You will not allow it to be shattered again. You will protect it to the point that you won’t trust anyone who wants to love you. Your fear of getting hurt will prevent you from falling in love. You need to start being brave and give love another chance.


Don’t be pressured

People should not dictate your relationship. You are the captain of your life. You don’t need to rush into love just because the people around you say so. Don’t be desperate. You have to be patient and wait for the right time when you know within yourself that you are ready.


Gain confidence and independence

Your mistakes teach you to become a better individual. You are now an independent human being who is ready to face whatever trials. You will no longer be relying on anyone. You own your mind and you are now ready to handle a relationship. When in love it does not mean that you will lose your individuality, you also have to leave something for yourself.


Erase bitterness in your heart

Are you still full of hatred? What would be your reaction if you would see your Ex? Your anger for the person who once hurt you should not be brought in the present. The failure of the past relationship will contribute to your growth as a person. It’s only possible to love once again if you are already cleared with all resentment.


No Rebound Love


Your heart was once broken. You are still healing and there is absolutely no need to rush things. You will eventually start to move on but remember to start recovering first. As of the moment, your heart is vulnerable. There is no need to be hopeless and desperate to look for a rebound love to heal yourself.

There is nothing wrong with loving another person after a breakup, as long as you are confident that you have already moved on. Doing so will be unfair to the person and they will think that you are playing with their emotions.


Why is rebound love not for you?


You will hold back. Just because you are in a new relationship doesn’t mean that you will instantly recover from your previous heartache. There will be instances wherein you will compare your current relationship to your Ex. You will not see the person’s true character because you are still broken inside. He will be a dispensable love for your emotional needs. It will definitely be an unhealthy relationship.

You know the feeling of being hurt that another emotional attachment will scare you. It will be a relationship with “no emotions” involved because you will be holding yourself back. The person will be loving the incomplete you, the one who is still broken. It would just be plainly unfair.


Your feeling won’t be mutual. How can you give love if you have nothing? You are still filled  with pain and you are still out of love. Give time for your self-healing. Your intention may not be to hurt the other person but the fact remains that you are giving them false hopes. They are hoping that you will reciprocate the feeling even if in reality, you can’t. First, you have to discover how to be contented without needing someone else.

Every relationship will demand an investment of emotions from both parties. You will only hurt the other person if you won’t be able to reciprocate the feeling. Entering a relationship when you’re still not ready is like stabbing your “already” injured heart. Don’t punish yourself any longer and wait for the right moment when you are 100% ready.