Are you fond of flowers? Picture a garden filled with breathtaking roses. How does that make you feel?

Commonly known as a universal flower, roses stand for medieval romance for its impressive combination of beauty and fragrance. Well, if you are looking for someplace where you can bask in the glory of these blooms, this coming November 13, 2016, is the Parnell Festival of Roses, a delightful event where you get to enjoy children shows, food, art stalls, music, and of course – the artistry of flowers.

The event is going to be in Dove-Myer Robinson Park, also known as the Parnell Rose Garden. The location is at 85-87 Gladstone Road, Parnell, Auckland 1052, New Zealand. The park got its name from the notable and longest serving mayor of Auckland who served for 18 years.

It is quite easy to fall in love with Parnell gardens in Auckland. It features a sophisticated central suburb and a village stippled with elegantly restored Victorian villas which make it a fantastic place to explore. Some plants in the garden have been bred by international rose breeders, so you can expect to see the best variety of flowers.

Rose Amusement

When roses are in full bloom, Parnell gardens in Auckland transform into an enchanting haven. You will be surrounded by various types and colours of roses and become bewitched by their enchanting scent. Besides the magical setting, you can also bring your friends and family to enjoy the different art stalls scattered around the park. Amongst the spectacular display of blooms, the free festival boasts amusement that will keep you preoccupied throughout the day. If you are into something “fun”, worry not, there is entertainment for all ages.



The Parnell Festival of  Roses is the perfect way to spend some time with your family and relax. You can easily experience the beauty of Parnell through flower delivery in Auckland. Lovely flowers will give you such a delight that you may find yourself wanting to stay a little longer…