zFlowers.com Australia are the champions of online flowers in Australia. With a massive range of colours and styles, you will be able to find online flowers for every occasion, large or small.

Ever wondered why your cut flowers are upright one day and then limp the next? zFlowers.com Australia can tell you that nothing will make them last forever, but you can definitely increase the useful life of your cut flowers. Getting the longest possible life from them is not difficult, and requires following just a few simple tips from the best supplier of online flowers in Australia. These tips will keep your cut flowers upright, colourful, and beautifying their surroundings for much longer.

#1: After you receive your online flowers from zFlowers.com Australia, put them into water as soon as you can. The longer they are left out of water, the shorter their life span will be.

#2: When you are preparing the flowers to be put into your vase or other container, you should re-cut the stems while they are submerged in water. If you don’t do this, an air bubble can form in the stems which prevents the flowers from drinking the water.

#3: When cutting the stems under water, don’t cut them straight across, but at an angle. This maximises the surface area that is exposed to the water, allowing the flower to take on more water.

#4: When you put your online flowers from zFlowers.com Australia flowers into a vase or other container, make sure that it is clean. This is because a dirty container can contain bacteria that will adversely affect the flowers.

#5: Before putting the flowers into the vase or container, remove any leaves from the stems that will be submerged. Leaves that are under water will rot, creating bacteria that is harmful to the flowers.

#6: Use cut flower food. Food for cut online flowers is available from zFlowers.com Australia and will give your flowers nutrients that will help to extend their life. If you don’t have flower food, ordinary table sugar can substitute. The food is added to the vase water. The vase water from the vase containing your online flowers from zFlowers.com Australia should then be emptied and refilled, with more flower food, every 3-4 days.

#7: In order to get the maximum life span from your flowers, select flowers that are still buds when you buy them. Buds will open into flowers while in your vase, meaning that you get to enjoy them for longer.

#8: Avoid putting your flowers in direct sunlight, or in a place that is too warm, such as over a heater. Doing so will always cause them to wilt. If possible, display your flowers from zFlowers.com Australia in a cool room away from heat sources and sunlight.

Following these simple tips will allow you to get the maximum life and enjoyment from your online flowers from zFlowers.com Australia.

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