Aug 3


You’re upset but that doesn’t mean you have to let that raging emotion inside your system. Don’t let it control you. Harness your fury in positivity.

We all have that “heated” moments. Our blood pressure starts to rocket and that familiar seething of emotions surface when somebody or something goes beyond what our patience could endure. Anger is a natural emotion, a negative response of our system when an entity upsets us. Although it’s considered “healthy” to let off some steam, there are instances where rage should be handled with extra care. Dwell more in positive things by indulging the view of lovely blossoms. Flowers have the power to turn your bad mood into something fruitful. Avoid the hassle. There’s no need to go out and visit a flower shop for you can easily pamper yourself by ordering flowers online.

Failure to manage anger can take its toll on you. It is supposed to be a normal human emotion but once out of control, it may destroy the whole fiber of your being.

If there’s tension building inside you and you feel that you are about to explode, take note of these simple steps:


Breathe in, breathe out


Breathing can help you calm your nerves before you act on your anger.


Calm words


Tell yourself to “relax” or “take it easy” to soothe your raging emotion.


Think of a wonderful thought


Imagine those moments that made you happy.


Do things you love


The things we are passionate about have the power to help us throw aside all negative emotions.


We are aware of how much anger can do to a person. When it becomes a full-fledged rage and turns disastrous, problems begin to arise. Control it before you lose a grip of your sanity.


Express your anguish in an assertive way. You don’t have to be pushy or demanding. Respect yourself and suppress your anger in a way that you wouldn’t hurt others. Focus on the positive and convert your irate state into a more constructive behavior.


1. Take a moment to think

To prevent yourself from saying something that could hurt somebody, take a few moments to collect your thoughts. Pause. And if you just can’t take it anymore, it would be much better to walk away than get in a heated conversation. What has been said can never be undone, and the only thing you can do by then is to – regret.


2. Squeeze out anger peacefully

Once you have recovered from tension and you feel like you can already handle your emotion, talk about the “reason” why you were angry. This will help the person who offended you to understand your predicament. State the problem in a clear and direct way without the need of hurting or controlling the other.


3. Give yourself a break

There are times when we are filled with too much burden that in just one snap, we easily get enraged. Reduce the stress in your life by spending some time to relax. You have a need to recharge and do something fun. Take a break so that you can embrace whatever life throws at you in a positive mood.


4. Seek solutions

Stop focusing on the reason why you are mad. Instead, find solutions on how you could avoid the same circumstance. Find resolution for your dilemma. Prolonging your enraged state will not solve anything and will only make the problem worse.