Whenever I hear stories of Supermums who willingly risked their lives and sacrificed everything for their children, I just can’t help to shed a tear and appreciate them even more. Being a mum isn’t an easy thing. It’s a life changing experience that could happen to a woman. Being a mum would mean giving up everything for your own selfish gains and giving everything for the welfare of your children.

This Mother’s Day, let’s give our loudest applause and heartwarming greetings to all mothers in the world. Let’s give thanks and pay tribute to our mums who never get tired of loving us unconditionally.

Our mothers aren’t just amazing; they are so great that they deserved to be called ‘real life superheroes’.

They inspire us to be the best version of ourselves

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If there is one person, who will never give up on us, it will be our mums. When we feel tired and weary, our mums will always have that special comforting power that motivates us to strive harder and inspires us to have a better outlook on life.

They give the best hugs

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Whether we failed on something or had our first heartbreak, our mums always give us the most comforting hugs ever. I can hardly explain what kind of superpower mums have in common, but one thing is for sure, their hugs can effectively ease out the pain, kiss away the tears, and mend our broken hearts.

They always find the good in us

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The love of a mother to her children is unfathomable and how she sees them as individuals is far beyond what other people see. They have that magical power to see the good in us and believe that we can make a difference in the world in our own little way.

They are Great Defenders

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Our mothers have that heroic might and courage to defend and protect us against the world. They are willing to take a bullet, step in front of a train, catch a hand grenade and ask God to take her life instead of ours.

They are our number one fan

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If there’s one person, who will never doubt our dreams in life and our capability of making it a reality; it will be our mums. No matter what happens and whatever decision we make, we’re confident that mum will always be there to support and believe in us.

They’ve Got the Greatest Love of All

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No one could take the place of our mothers, and no one could love us more than they do. They’ve given us so much love and left nothing for themselves. They love us in the way we could never understand. Their unconditional love is so great that could even reach to the moon and back.

This Mother’s Day, let’s not waste the time to express our sincerest gratitude and love to our super mums. Let’s thank them for all the sacrifices they made for us, for the tears they shed every time we got hurt, for the sleepless nights they willingly took to keep us safe, and for the greatest love no one could give but only THEM.

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There are different ways to say ‘Thank You’ to mum. You can give her a bunch of beautiful flowers, a set of jewellery, a dinner in a restaurant, or an overwhelming hug and ‘I Love You Mum’ will be more than enough.

And for all the Super Mums who are reading this article, ‘Thank You’ for making us believe that Superheroes do exist. Happy Mother’s Day!