What do you do when that sudden surge of emotions overwhelm you, and you just can’t help but be jealous towards another person? Do you just succumb to that feeling and let it consume you or do you let it become an opportunity to prove your trust?

When a person gets too close to your other half, you tend to become overly suspicious. You start showing the “fear” that you might lose your loved one. If you are really in love, your most predictable reaction would be – jealousy

Well, who doesn’t get jealous? To get jealous in a relationship is a pretty normal reaction. What makes it unhealthy is when you take away the freedom of the other person. Just because you are in a commitment doesn’t mean you are not individual beings. Each of you has a personal life that you need to attend. We do not live in a secluded place. And as humans, we survive by intermingling with each other.

Although it is true that you need to be honest and loyal to your loved one, you have to let each other grow…

It breaks trust

Jealousy is not a bad thing and is a vital part of human nature. But you must remember, it is also a fear in disguise. Your insecurities can also influence your jealousy. When we act out on that negative emotion and revel in it, it becomes problematic. You are losing your trust. You won’t have a lasting relationship if you can’t put your confidence in your partner. Build your connection on mutual respect and love for each other.

It can destroy friendships and family relations

It becomes worse when you start putting your partner in a box. You prevent her from socialising with others because you are afraid that they might take your loved one away from you. Because your partner loves you, she respects your opinion and does what you say. Her friends or family may not be able to understand this decision and it’d be too late – you’ve already destroyed her connection with other people.

It hurts your partner

Jealousy, as a matter of fact, is more about you than the other person. You may think that being jealous is just your reaction of how much you love the person. But, the truth is, you are showing her your lack of trust. It would hurt her to know that her love is not enough for you to trust her. Loving someone requires taking a risk. Feelings are unpredictable, and you should never act on them aggressively. The last thing you wouldn’t want to do is to let your partner feel like she’s in a cage. Because every person needs freedom to develop.

You can learn from your jealousy. Don’t let it turn you into a savage beast. Let it be an inspiration to grow and improve the relationship you have with each other. If you’re having this negative emotion, share it with your partner. Be open with one another.

So, the next time you experience this destructive emotion, give it a positive spin. How? You can start by sending flower bouquets that fit any occasion. Tame your jealousy by transforming it into something wonderful like reminding your partner how much you love her through sweet blooms.