Excited for Valentine’s day? Give your relationship a much-needed boost on this day through these adorable and easy to make DIY gifts for your sweetie. Make your celebration more meaningful, fun, and creative.

A Jar Filled with Reasons Why You Love Your Sweetheart

Simply decorate an empty small glass jar with ribbons, hearts, and other decorative items. Show your creativity and express your undying feelings to your sweetheart with this love jar. Creating this simple yet creative gift will surely melt your sweetie’s heart.

Express Your Unfathomable Love to Your Better Half on These Rocks

If you ran out of ideas of what to give on Valentine’s day, giving him/her something out of the box is a great idea. These unique and adorable heart stones will surely be appreciated. Aside from the drawn heart shapes on these stones, you can also write at the back of it the various reasons why and how your honey ROCKS your world.

Open When….Envelopes

This is one of the best and heartfelt DIY gifts you can give to the love of your life. You can freely create as many special envelopes as you want and watch how their face lights up as they open one when they need to be cheered up. It’s up to you what you want to put in these little envelopes, it can be silly photos of you together or a poem.

12 Months of Pre-Planned Date Coupons

Keep the love burning by having frequent date nights with your wifey or hubby. No matter how busy life gets, always make time for each other. On this day of love, give your better half one of the most valuable gifts – the gift of time. Make 12 small-sized cards and write on each card the different things or places you want to go with your partner each month of the year.

Sweet Valentine Pun Message for Him

Play with words and chocolates. Use your creative ideas in expressing your love for him through this candy bar card. This is a cute and unique way of showing how lucky and grateful you are to have him in your life.

Photo Box Filled with Love and Memories

There’s nothing more special than this pop-up photo box filled with happy memories that you and your partner shared together through the years. It’s not only one of the best DIY gifts on Valentine’s day, but it’s also perfect for any other special occasions such as birthdays and anniversaries.

Personalised Sharpie Mugs

Start your day with a sweet message and a cup of coffee with these cute and adorable sharpie mugs. You can write your message on a ceramic mug using a sharpie marker and bake it for 30 minutes. Let it cool and you’re all set.

Adorable Mason Jars

Make your Valentine’s day flower gift presentation more creative and adorable through these gorgeous flower vases. Paint the mason jars with your desired colour. To add more glam on these vases, mask the top of the jars with painter’s tape and use a glitter spray paint to cover the bottom. Lastly, choose the right kind of blooms to fit in your sparkly mason jars. You can grab different selections of flowers here.

Hand-Dyed Bouquet

You can never go wrong with gorgeous flowers. Make your Valentine’s day celebration more meaningful by giving your honey a personalised hand-dyed flower bouquet. Soak the white flowers (roses and carnations) to a vase of water blended with food colourings. Wait for a few hours and see how the flowers change their colours. You can grab fresh white blooms here.

Try any of these Valentine DIY gift ideas and watch how his/her heart melts seeing that you take extra effort to make the celebration simply amazing and meaningful. But, if you’re too busy to make some DIY crafts or you still need to develop your artistic prowess to make some creative stuff, you can always order a gorgeous Valentine bouquet together with adorable teddies and dark chocolates.

Whatever your ways of celebrating Valentine’s day, know that the best gift that you can give to your sweetheart are those that can’t be bought by money – time, happiness, and LOVE. All of those material gifts are just secondary.

Spread the love and enjoy this day! Happy Valentine’s!