Alone in the house and looking for something crafty to do? Well, you will never go out of fun ideas for sure. But let me help you a little bit with this. has a lot of nice DIY stuff you can try. Here are five of the most fun and interesting projects we have shared so far:


1. Arrange flowers for your office desk

Your office desk may already look too dull and you don’t know it. You’ll be more productive at work if you have some greenery displayed on your workstation. So how about arranging some flowers on your office desk? Here is some easy inspiration to get you started.


DIY: 10 Easy Flower Arrangements for Your Office Desk

Your office desk serves as a sanctuary during the daily grind. Day by day all you see is either the brown, grey, white or black cold material of your office table. So, why not try revamping your desk to reflect your fun and sometimes creative self? Here are ten easy and enjoyable do-it-yourself flower arrangements […]



2. Make a Boho-inspired flower crown

Have something nice for yourself. If you are into hair fashion, why not make your own flower crowns? Boho is the thing lately, so I bet it’s timely to have your flower crowns inspired by the Boho theme.


Handy Flower Crown Tips for a Boho Inspired Look

Boho theme has become a party favorite motif and design. Heartened by this, you and your friends organized a boho-chic themed party for the weekend. You planned on creating that perfect boho look accented with a sweet floral halo that will be at par with celebrity OOTDs. These are six valuable flower crown tips to […]



3. Make your own floral containers

Your old floral containers may already look too boring. If you think you need new containers for your flower arrangements, no need to pull out some money from your pocket. Look around to find some stuff you can recycle and create your own. Here are a few tips.


10 DIY Floral Containers You Can Do At Home

The usual flower vases we find in stores are somewhat boring. How about creating your own floral containers out of the materials you find at home? Aside from saving some bucks, you will have beautiful and unique vases that perfectly suit your taste in design.


4. Make flower arrangements for your own home

Bring beauty and fragrance into your home. If you’re already into arranging flowers, it’s time you try some new arrangements. Here is your easy guide.


Easiest Flower Arrangements You Can Do at Home

You don’t have to have the skills of a pro to create attractive floral arrangements. There are many simple flower arrangements you can easily make at home without the need for serious skills.


5. Decorate your home

Or, you can give your home a total make-over with these crafty yet budget-friendly ideas.


10 DIY Decorating Projects for Your Home (Without Hurting Your Wallet)

Looking for ways to revamp your home? There are numerous, almost limitless, ways you can decorate and make improvements to your humble abode – from simply getting fresh flowers delivered to your home in Australia for everyday decoration to remodelling a particular area in the house. Now, you may feel hesitant to make such home […]



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