Children are the anchors that hold a mother to life.

Children are the anchors that hold a mother to life.


This is the first of two blog posts on celebrating Mother’s Day, this post is on gifts and the one on Friday will cover suggested Mother’s Day activities. This year, Mother’s Day will fall on May 10th. It is a special occasion  that people often celebrate by taking their mother out for a special dinner. Traditionally, people in the United States wear Carnation corsages at this time, while Chrysanthemums are favoured by people in Australia and New Zealand. A brightly coloured corsage indicates a living mother in the family; a creamy white one honours the memory of a beloved deceased mother. Mother’s Day recognises the vital role mums play in the lives of their children.

A Beautiful National Custom

A custom of gift giving arose in Australia, too, in part as a result of the kindness of Mrs. Janet Heyden, a resident of Sydney during the 1920s. In 1924, she discovered that many of the female patients living at the Newinton State Home for Women were separated from their children during this important time of year. She responded by encouraging the local community to bring them Mother’s Day gifts so they would not feel excluded. In many locations around Australia, Mother’s Day today represents a time for communities to recognize mothers and to support charitable causes at a local level through fairs, organized walks and other public fund raising activities.

Gift Exchanges

In many other parts of the world, people commemorate the Mother’s Day holiday by giving gifts to loved ones, too. For instance, in the United States and many other countries, people send gift baskets, cards, candy and festive floral displays to mothers in distant locations as a way of recognising their unique role. Australia at this time of year does not enjoy as many varieties of blooming flowers, but innovative Aussies devised three solutions for this problem:

  • Solution #1: Many Australians present their mums with beautiful Chrysanthemum plants or Chrysanthemum bouquets. The Chrysanthemum remains in bloom here during May and the flowers are known as “mums”;
  • Solution #2: In addition to flowers, cards and chocolates, Australians often give mothers presents of other edible treats, luxury bath products, sparkling wine and coffee or tea sets. These items contribute to many gift baskets, lending a distinctive local flair to these Mother’s Day presents;
  • Solution #3: Global trade has brought more products to the international stage, an increasing number of Australians who purchase fresh cut flowers grown overseas for their mothers on the Mother’s Day holiday.

A few of the parent bloggers at Catablog shared their thought on the perfect Mothers’ Day gift, from a mother’s perspective:

Karina Lane, The Laney Files:  “The gift of me-time is the best gift to receive. For once I won’t be pregnant or breastfeeding so I will be going to town this year.”

Rachel McDougall, Toilets Aren’t For Turtles: “The best Mother’s Day gift I received was a pendant with the names and birth dates of my kids on it. My husband designed it and then had it made using a 3-D printer.”

Christine Knight Thomas, Adventure Baby: “The best Mother’s Day gift I’ve ever received was when my husband booked me into a massage and then took my daughter and I out for lunch afterwards to a restaurant I was dying to try.”

Jessica King, Mama’s Vida Loca: “My husband bought me a selection of new release books to read and sent me on my way to tropical paradise (our favourite resort at Palm Cove).”

…via Bloggers Share What Every Mum Wants This Mother’s Day – B&T

Love From Afar

If you can not make it home this weekend, one of the best ways to say “Thanks for all you’ve done, Mum!”, is to have fresh flowers delivered directly to her door. The customer service team are on call to make this happen, just order online from wherever you are in the world and we will make sure that your selected gift brightens her weekend and week ahead.

Final Words

However you plan on celebrating Mother’s Day, remember that the most important thing involves the underlying kind thoughts of love and gratitude you feel for your mother. Whether your mother is close at hand or far away, she will appreciate your loving sentiments! As Mother’s Day is this weekend please also see our upcoming post on Friday about activity ideas to celebrate Mother’s Day.

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