You just got engaged?! Well, hurray! I know… there is so much to do and figure out for your wedding. When is it going to be? In a year? In a month? In a week? Yes, it’s almost close, but worrying and stressing yourself out can never help. So, breath in. Breath out. Relax. Sit down and sip a cold glass of your favourite drink. Now think about the whole picture and list down all the things that you will need.

What is that biggest thing that’s freaking you out?



Ah, the decorations, backdrops, centrepieces. Your whole wedding theme and style. What do you mostly need for that? Flowers, yes! But what type of flowers? Where can you find them?

Alright, cut yourself some slack. It’s time to call a friend – a florist for this matter. From here on, you need to always remember that your florist is your wedding’s ultimate stylist.

So, what are the specific details of your wedding that you need to hand out to your stylist?

Trust your florist in choosing the type of flowers to use for your wedding

You have favourite flowers that you want to be incorporated into your wedding, I get that. But when your florist says it’s out of the season, you need to trust her/him to give you any alternative else you’ll be paying so much for a specific type of flower. Unless money is not an issue to you of course.

Trust your florist in the arrangement of flowers

You want your bouquet arranged this way, you want the centrepieces arranged that way. Okay… Now, why won’t you take the role of a florist instead and find someone else to be the bride? Girl, it’s alright to give suggestions but leave the final arrangements to your florist. They also want to make your wedding look fabulous like you do. Let them play their part peacefully.

Drop those DIYs and trust your florist

So you think you can do some things yourself? Like your bouquet or the table centrepieces? Well, good luck with that. I’ve heard a lot of DIY stories on weddings that turned into nightmares. Instead of saving some bucks, they ended up spending more plus, they never get to have their much-needed beauty rest. Are you really willing to take the risk?

Trust your florist and save some bucks

If you are really serious about saving some bucks on your wedding day, drop those DIY projects and trust your florist. They know what to do and they can find ways to make things work according to your budget. Believe me, they know exactly how to do it.

Trust that your florist can do it better than you do

Yes, it is your wedding and you have all the right to choose and decide whatever you like. But if you want to make your wedding look perfectly good, I advise you to trust your florist. After all, they have years of experience in styling weddings, and you are only about to do it. Would you rather trust your inexperienced self than the experts? Well, that is unless you have been a florist yourself, too, of course.

It is hard, I know. So don’t make it harder. By going against your florists’ preferences, you are only making things worse for everyone and you are only stealing the time supposed to be for productivity. Know what you want, be clear about your goals, but trust everything else to your florist and everything will perfectly look the way they should.

Did you, or someone you know, have a “bridezilla” experience? Share it with us.