Appreciation for mothers, because love is our mother.

Appreciation for mothers, because love is our mother.


Mother’s Day remains a wonderful opportunity to express sentiments of appreciation and love for mothers. Today, people celebrate the contributions of motherhood to society in many ways. Often, they take steps to get in closer touch with a parent who may reside thousands of miles away. More telephone calls reportedly occur during the 24 hour period of Mother’s Day than on any other day of the year.The wide variety of presents available to relay appreciation to a mother can offer extra fun for family members on these occasions. Many people enjoy shopping for just the right combination of gifts to enliven Mother’s Day festivities. They spend time searching for flowers, cards and gift baskets that express their love for their mother in a kind, individually meaningful way. The popular holiday only obtained official recognition in the United States in 1914, yet the enduring power of appreciation for mothers lends the celebration ongoing vitality around the world.

In large numbers, children send gifts of flowers to their mums on this special day, too. Delicate, sweet-smelling blossoms convey gratitude and affectionate sentiments so well. With many lovely annuals and perennials going into bloom, a rich array of choices await anyone ordering May bouquets for Mother’s Dayon line. Many mothers receive corsages from children, too. From colourful arrangements utilising Lilies, Daisies or Violets, to delicate potted plants to cut Roses, flowers say: “I love you, Mother!” in a thousand different ways. All of these floral gifts convey warm thoughts with a spectacular display of beauty.

Gift baskets contribute significantly in expressing affection for mothers in some families. These collections may include a sampler of mum’s favourite food item, such as a box of chocolates or an assortment of packaged gourmet coffees, teas or other treats. Some baskets contain personal items, such as body lotions, bath oils, perfume and shampoo. Yet others contribute to a hobby, such as gardening supplies (with enclosed flower and vegetable seeds, gloves or some hand-held cultivation tools). Baskets frequently present small teddy bears or dolls. A huge variety of interesting gift ideas spur the imagination of Mother’s Day shoppers. If you would like to send a gift basket to your Mum for Mother’s Day, remember that they will need to be ordered by ┬áthe morning of Wednesday, 6 May this year!

However you decide to recognise Mother’s Day, you can feel certain that millions of others around the world also share strong emotions of love and appreciation for their mother, grandmothers, aunts and other important women in their lives at this time. This very┬ápopular holiday possesses widespread appeal because after all in the wise words of Rumi “We are born of love; Love is our mother”.

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