Our roles and responsibilities can be overwhelming sometimes and those petty things can take so much of our time and energy. When your life gets out of balance and you are feeling stressed out, act on it as soon as you can and find the perfect way to cope and get back to your normal phase. We have a few suggestions below for you to follow, it is up to you to decide which one will work effectively on yourself.

1. Pause and take a deep breath


When things get too overwhelming, stop at once and breath deeply. There is no use trying too hard if your mind and body are already out of sync. Give yourself a break and you’ll be back in good shape soon.

2. Close your eyes and listen to a soothing music


The secret to keeping in harmony with your work and personal life is to listen to the type of music that is soothing to your ears. Each person has different music preferences. Find the beat that relaxes you, and your mind will thank you for it.

3. Travel to an uncrowded place

Travel is famously known to be an effective stress-reliever. Going to a distant island or a mountain-top not only releases your mind’s tension and anxiety, but also gives your mind and body that extra feeling of bliss and fulfillment. The journey, the adventure, and the scenery are always unwinding.

4. Reflect and meditate

The best way to cope with stress and avoid getting stressed is to reflect on all the things that you’ve been doing in your life and meditate. Why are you getting stressed? What’s causing it? You have to think about life and all of its beauty and splendour. Focus on the positive.

5. Do some yoga or exercise

Our body needs some stretching and bending to release all the negative energies that are lurking in all of its sides and corners, if there are any. You need to release all the toxins and cut out any unhealthy habits that are keeping you from living a healthy life.

6. Do something relaxing and enjoyable

Flower arrangement

There are a lot of things you can do to cope with stress. Some find it really relaxing to colour adult coloring books while others find joy in sports or any type of entertainment. Others also do some flower arrangement to relieve stress. It could be a time for you to discover what it is that you really enjoyed doing.

7. Spend some time with fun and positive people

Another thing you could do is to call your friends or relatives whom you know for being bubbly and optimistic. To cope with stress, you need to borrow some positive energy from the people around you.

8. Throw all unnecessary things that cause you stress


Jot down everything that causes you stress and evaluate whether or not each of them truly matters. It is important to keep a short list of your daily activities to avoid stressing the nerves and muscles in your body. Things like “hanging out with friends in a bar” can be eliminated from the list to give you more time to rest.

9. Do nothing

It is totally okay to do nothing at all. When stress gets too overwhelming, shutting down could be the best way to do. Unplug from the world, lie on the couch and sleep. Getting enough sleep and freeing your mind from all thoughts will energize you the next morning you wake up.

Stress can turn into a serious illness if taken for granted. Remember that true wealth lies in good health. So always keep your mind and body in a good tune, and don’t ignore those petty things that are making you uncomfortable in your day-to-day endeavor. Seek help if you must. You can be more productive if you are fully energized and everything in your being are in sync. Avoid getting stressed out if you can, but if you are already experiencing it, detach immediately and heal. Stress is something you shouldn’t keep to yourself for long.

Did you ever get stressed? How did you deal with it? We would love to hear your story in coping up with stress.