5 Ways to make Mom Happy this Mother’s Day


Once again, it’s that time of the year where we give much effort to make our mothers extraordinarily happy. We often trouble ourselves on what gifts to buy in order to repay her for all the years she spent on caring for us, not knowing that we can naturally make her happy through simple things. A kind gesture like saying “thank you” is one way to make her feel loved. Mother’s day should not be taken for granted. Expressing your affection to your mum shouldn’t be that hard. The most important thing is that it came genuinely from your heart.

Whatever misunderstanding we have with our mothers, we should always seek for reconciliation. The sacrifices she made from our birth until now is more than enough to prove how much we mean to her. Let’s make use of this significant day to return her the favor. No need to sweat. Show her you love her through these five easy ways.

1. Spend some time with her

Your mum knows and understands that you have other priorities. But have you ever considered the thought that she also wants to spend some time with you? Now that you are so busy with work, you never had a chance to visit her. Since you are all grown-up, she rarely gets to see you. She is not getting younger. Make the most of the present and show her how much she means to you.

When you were still young, she spent all her time taking care of you. This Mother’s Day, pamper her by spending some quality time with her. You can both go on a vacation or eat at her favorite restaurant. Reminisce the things she loves to do. Let her enjoy the day with your presence. Mothers may not say it much but they value most the memories that you are together.

2. Surprise her with anything

All mothers love surprises. The challenge is how to plan the perfect scheme that would absolutely make her smile. You can wake her up with a beautiful bouquet of blossoms, she will undoubtedly smile at this gesture. It’s a wonderful feeling to start the day with exquisite blooms. Getting one bears no problem at all, as you can easily make use of online flower delivery service by ordering flowers online. You may also bewilder her with hampers, filled with wonderful treats that exude delight. It’s not every day that your mum gets to be taken aback, allow her to relish the feeling.

3. Be courteous of her feelings

You are now old enough to take care of yourself. Every time you take a step on maturity, your mother is also getting older. Always remind yourself to consider her feelings every time you make a big decision. It makes her feel appreciated knowing that even though you no longer need her, you still want her to be a part of your life. Put yourself in her shoes every time you scold her for being forgetful. Realize that she has now aged and can no longer take care of herself. This is your opportunity to return all the love she has given you. Make her believe that her thoughts, above all things, matter to you most.

4. Thank her for everything and apologize for your mistakes

Gone are the days that mum is always there to cover for you. Show your gratitude by saying “thank you” for all the things she endured for your sake. If you and your mum have a misunderstanding, always be the first one to apologize. No matter what you do, she will forever be your mother. You can never choose your parents. Your mother is not flawless, but her imperfections are part of what honed you to become who you are now. Without her, you wouldn’t be experiencing the beauty of life.

5. Communicate with her

Talk to her. Tell her your problems and ask for advice. A mother always listens regardless of how nonsense it is. Make her your friend, she loves hearing stories about the latest happenings in your life. Also, never forget to reciprocate the feeling and ask her how her day went by. A simple question can draw out a smile on her face. This will make her feel that no matter how busy you are, you would still choose to consume a moment for her.


Mother’s Day is not always about gifts and surprises. Even in humble actions, you could make her day exceptional. Material things are nothing compared to your love and affection.

You are her greatest gift. Her happiness has always been you.