Who says you can’t have a romantic date on a Halloween?

Just because it’s the day of the dead, you don’t have to throw your charming side into the box and set it aside for Valentine’s Day. This time, there are no rules. You can transform yourselves into bizarre characters without getting caught by the police. You can even charm her wits by taking the role of Dracula and offering her a lovely dark red rose as a token of your love. Freakishly romantic, isn’t it?

Although the occasion is quite known for “trick or treat” and scaring the hell out of someone, it’s an ideal and unusual time to further your relationship.

Halloween is not just something for kids to enjoy. It’s a no holds barred celebration. Be fun and frolic with no worries. For all the years that you’ve been together, it’s challenging to come up with exciting ways to fuel your love. Let us help you create something insanely special for your date by using these spooky but whimsical ideas.

1. Campfire storytelling with a twist

Bring out those marshmallows and enjoy roasting them under the fire. Once you both are comfortable, you can start sharing those bone-chilling experiences. While you are shuddering with fear of that horror story, you also get relieved by the arms of your loved one wrapped around you. Horrifying but soothing.
2. “Haunted House” hunting

Find a good old house around your vicinity. It will bring more chills if the house has a haunting story behind it. Well, if you want your special someone to hug you badly, then this might be the key to getting her close to you. A word of advice, though, don’t try this if you’re a scaredy-cat. You might end up ruining the date and make a fool out of yourself.
3. Hang out at an amusement park

Halloween is one of the best times to visit an amusement park. Be bold enough to enter in a scary ride with your partner. Opt for something that would make both of you scream your hearts out - the scarier, the better!
4. Scary movie marathon

Get your popcorn ready! Whether it'd be on your couch or at a drive-in theatre, you can take horror to the next level. Plus, it gets more fun as you spend it with your loved one. Don’t forget to prepare some blankets. It’s the best way to snuggle with each other, watching a horror movie will surely bring chills down your spine.
5. Carve a pumpkin

Let a Jack-o'-Lantern be the venue for you to get closer to your special girl. Carving a pumpkin is a fun activity which will enhance both your teamwork and creativity. Choose a squash that bears the appropriate size and shape for your intended design. Release your artistry.

There you have it! Halloween is for everyone and the best time to bond with your special someone. But before anything else, remember to SAVE THE DATE. I repeat, save the date. Of course, you have to allocate time to make sure that you both enjoy All Hallow’s Eve. Remember that it’s not the occasion that makes a date enjoyable - it’s the company.