We all got secrets. So do florists. But no secret can be kept forever. So we will now reveal the secrets florists have been keeping for themselves.

Monday is the best day to order flowers


It is the most usual day that flower shops restock thus, you are sure to be getting real fresh flowers. To find out the week’s “special”, ask on Friday or Saturday.

Florists give discounts

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Of course, they give discounts to senior citizens, professional groups and customers they like. So don’t forget to ask for one.

There’s a way to know if your rose is fresh


To know whether or not your rose is fresh, look closely at the bottom of the blossom and see how many petals have been removed. The more ripped petals, the older it is. Or, squeeze the part where the petals and the stem meet. The softer it is the older the rose.

Your nose doesn’t have a problem, those flowers really have no scent


If you can’t smell anything on the flowers, your nose doesn’t have a problem. Growers today are breeding for long stems and lengthy life vase. That’s why flowers don’t have much scent.

Florists are hoping you’ll return those cheap glass vases

They will gladly recycle those cheap glass vases that came with your bouquet if you return it.

Roses at gas stations are cheaper, but they’ll also die sooner


Yes, it is more convenient to buy cheap roses at gas stations. But don’t wonder if they droop the next day. The reason is they’re usually old and was just taken out from cold storage.

You sure can extend the life of your cut flowers


You can definitely extend the life of your cut flowers. Read this Do-It-Yourself guide to extend the life of cut flowers.

Of course, you can ask for more packets


Those packets really work; and if you only ask for more, they will gladly give you an extra bunch.

Humans and flowers don’t differ when it comes to cold baths

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www.public-domain-image.com (public domain image)

Flowers don’t like cold baths just like you. So don’t give them one.

Your flowers absolutely need those mist


Flowers don’t water themselves. There’s a reason flowers are misted.  Stems aren’t the only place flowers can draw their water. Give them a mist every now and then.

Fruits and cut flowers aren’t friends

Fruits emit ethylene gas that causes flowers to die sooner. So make sure to keep fruits away from your cut flowers.

Hairspray does magic

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A light spritz of hairspray to the petals of your flowers will help their hues last longer.

You can never get equal arrangements when ordering flowers online


Not all arrangements bought from online florists are created equal. These online florists are usually a network of many local florists whose quality of work and availability of flowers vary. Read this tips on how to order flowers online the right way.

These secrets are true to florist Australia as anywhere else in the world. Know more secrets about florists? We are excited to hear them! Please drop them in the comment below.